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Went snowboarding in Maine with people of fun and awesome

This weekend, I flew to Boston to meet up with roninotter, halioffirpine, lynxkitten, zschamm, Stacy, and Justin for a road trip up to Sunday River in Maine to get back on the snow after a much-too-long hot season (yes, I realize that I live in Florida). The place was crowded. The snow conditions were very inconsistent, which made it abysmal. The company was superb! The food was great! My bindings were set way wrong for the type of riding I was doing, so I fell. A lot. I had almost no control on my heel edge and didn't correct the stance and settings until Saturday evening, after heading back to the lodge, 'cause I'm a doofus.

All in all, the weekend was still a blast, regardless of the amount of suck that happened on the slopes. Most of our group beat themselves up on the mountain pretty badly, including myself, but I still managed to be one of the die-hard three who kept at it the longest. I probably shouldn't have, though, because I pulled a muscle in my shoulder during one of the falls that I took on Saturday. I'll be making an appointment with a doctor after this post to get it checked out, 'cause it's really painful to lift my right arm.

During the road trip, both up and back, we stopped at a place called "Maine Diner" for a late lunch/early dinner. On the way up, I ordered a cup of clam chowder (New England) and salmon pie. Both were top notch. On the way back, I ordered the homemade crab cake sandwich, which was also very good. If you're ever in Wells, Maine, check the place out.

Other highlights of the trip included:

  • A "Pray for Snow" party on Saturday night at "The Foggy Goggle", which included a bon fire, lots of drunken ski/snowboard enthusiasts, and a leisurely snowball fight. The party and the praying must have worked to some extent since the mountain received up to 4 inches of natural snow that night. :)
  • Prime rib special at a place called Liam's. Good people, good food, very nice bar, and inexpensive, tasty prime rib.
  • Dinner at Matterhorn Ski Bar where we shared some garlic knots and three, very tasty pizzas: Weisshorn, Alphorn, and Hornlihutte.
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