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This weekend may contain nuts

As briefly mentioned in a previous post... Last April, I went to Boston and New Hampshire to visit with lynxcat and roninotter to go do something I had never done before: Snowboarding - at Cranmore, North Conway, New Hampshire. As a result of it being the absolute last day of the season, I'm told that the conditions were horrible because we were riding on coarse, granulated ice rather than snow. Even with those conditions, even though I seemed to be on my ass or hands and knees more than I was standing on my board, EVEN THOUGH I nearly broke all of the soft tissue in my left elbow on one of my falls, I completely fell in love with snowboarding. A++++ WILL RIDE AGAIN!

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Well, that means that I'm heading back up that direction this weekend (tomorrow night)! This time, it will be to venture into Vermont and go snowboarding at Killington Ski Resort and I'm all-encompassingly jazzed about it. Good friends, good times, good..ness. :)

But wait! There's more! Come hell nor high water, I also have plans to go to Copper Mountain Ski Resort on the same weekend as Furry Ski Weekend. They're all filled up, but I'M GOIN' ANYWAY, 'cause, well, I bought the plane tickets and I don't want to waste them. Whether I'm stayin' on my own somewhere else on or near the mountain or I end up staying with the Furries, I'mma be snowboardin' that weekend, too. :)
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Once I get my job thing back on track, I would like to join some seasoned snowboarding people to check it out myself. Perhaps it'll be old hat to you by then and I can join you one day? Otherwise, Awesome! Enjoy yourself.
You are welcome to visit any time, sir :D New England isn't near as good as West snow sports, but we have a contingent of nuts up here (as Scott rightfully pointed out ;) ) that love going. :D
And we will be jazzed to have you with us :D Killington got 20 inches of snow overnight and is in for more Saturday, SO SOME BETTER STICK AROUND ON THE SLOPES. Because, srsly, you will love snowboarding triply-more on softpack/powder. No joke, Toss on some music via headphones and it's JOYGASMIC.
Do come back with lots of pictures. We want to hear all about it when you get back. Something like this sounds like just what you need. :
Luckily you have first time-itis behind you now so your next trip should be much more enjoyable.
My first time on a snowboard was in Vail. @@ I lost my mind. I forgot I was scared of heights, ther ewas a blizzard and I had altitude sickness. I felt like Lt. Dan in Forest Gump screaming at the sky that I WOULD NOT GIVE UP. It took me 3 hours to make it down the beginner mountain one time. *hangs head*
I've done snowboading up in Canada a couple times. It's wicked fun, even though I've fallen on my butt a lot.

I've also heard from a lot of people who ski say that snowboarding is harder than skiing. For some reason, I always viewed it as the other way around...
Look forward to seeing yuh in Denver!
You live in an unfortunate place to have become addicted to snowboarding!

By the way, you were right about fire ants using a sting for venom delivery. Now I wonder what I was thinking about.