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The nicest person on the planet has departed

While I was waiting for my (delayed) flight to New Jersey last night, my grandmother (mom's mom) passed away. I'm still rather numb about it, I think, but really, I started the grieving process for this 4 or 5 years ago when I learned that she had Alzheimer's. We started losing her personality first, which was probably a little harder to deal with than had it been something sudden. I got news that her health was rapidly declining a few days ago and that yesterday she took a turn for the worst. With the financial help of my mom, I booked a flight at around 4:30pm and was scheduled to arrive at 11:42pm. I didn't get to see her, but my mom says that it's probably for the better because she didn't look well at all.

I'll miss her - a lot. She was like a second mother to me and was quite possibly the nicest person I've ever known. I'll write more about her when I have time to think.

If anyone is wondering where I disappeared to, I'm in South Jersey and shall be attending her memorial services on Monday.
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