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Yep. Pretty much. :D
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Happy birthday!
are you still using ur google talk? mine's back on i sent you a message the other day. Deneese doesn't have a phone so I use it to talk to her.
I am usually logged into my Google account on my phone ('cause it's an Android) and respond if I'm not busy.
ok idk if im texting u on the right one. im using what i think is google plus are you getting any of it? i sent another message today the first one was 10/22
No, I didn't get any Google+ messages from you today.
can you just text me i pmed u the number. i dont know how to set it up :( i thought whatever the google chat n the plus were the same thing
I think the new thing is called "Google Hangout". It used to be called "Google Talk", but they wrapped it into the same thing several months ago.
ok i hope this time i got it. this stuff is confusing. they need to leave stuff alone like facebook needs to!