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Seeking a financially responsible housemate

I've recently had a housemate move out, which means that I have a room vacancy, so If you or anyone you know is looking for a place to live in Central Florida (East Orlando), doesn't require too much space, and is financially responsible, drop me a line. Rent is $267/month plus 1/3 of the utilities costs (usually adds about $120). It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 story house with a 2 car garage and small yard.

Edit: We have one interested party for temporarily renting the room between late July and somewhere around October/November. That's not set in stone, yet, so even if there's marginal interest, let me know.
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So that's approximately equivalent to... £250/month, inc bills. Peanuts. The cheapest 3-bedroom rental I found in a quick search around here is £250/*week*, and turned out to actually be just a room in a tiny rabbit-hutch of a shared 3-bedroom house sandwiched in a little gap between a trunk road and a railway line. The cheapest actual 3-bed house was more like £415/week, but the majority seem to be in the region of £3000-£5000/month.

On the other hand, I was asked recently if I was interested in a house share up in the north of England, well away from London, estimated at £275/month, so I suppose the price difference is more London versus not-London rather than UK versus US...

This is why, at 38, I'm still living with my parents. :/
Yeah, sounds similar to NYC or urban California vs. not NYC or urban California.
You couldn't rent a fridge box for that around here. Hehe.
I'm fiscally responsible but have no need to move to FL! How inconvenient! :3

I know, not helping.
I have a dozen eggs I can swing by the Fox's condo Simba...just sayin'.
... and save him the trouble of raiding the hen house? What good would that do me? :)
You'd like the tenants. Nice couple with a little girl. So far they been good peeps for me.

I would just make them a special omelette... from a distance.
There's hockey nearby, though!


June 28 2012, 06:45:02 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  June 28 2012, 06:45:45 UTC

Good luck with eet, I've had such bad roomie experiences, especially after this last one that I'm sucking up the costs and living on my own (ok, and Destiny) from now on. I'm still on medication from the last roomie's diseased cats and problems just keep escalating.
I do hope you find someone quickly though, I know you're on the case. :)

P.S. Livejournal changed a LOT since I last posted on here.